When you get a spare moment, type these words into Google: worst football shirt.

Now notice all the posts and articles in the results that claim to have found the 'worst football kits ever' or 'the ugliest football kits of all time' or something else on a similar theme. So many articles, so much repetition, such a lack of imagination or insight. And so much negativity.

They're the sort of posts a chimpanzee could bash out of a computer with one hand tied behind its back. The trouble is, posts of this kind are easy to write and require little or no true understanding of the subject matter.

Back in mid-2014, myself, Rich Johnson (my co-blogger at The Football Attic), Jay (from DesignFootball.com) and John Devlin (from TrueColoursFootballKits.com) decided enough was enough. We wanted to pay tribute to all that was good about football shirt design and provide an antidote to the ever-increasing welter of lazily-written trash that regurgitates the same old tired content.

To that end, we created The 50 Greatest Football Shirts Ever.

Over the course of seven weeks, starting in June 2015, we published one blog post every day at TheFootballAttic.com, each one focusing on a football shirt specifically chosen for its sundry merits, but never chosen just because it appeared on someone else's blog post.

The 50 Greatest Football Shirts Ever was not simply a list that took two minutes to scribble down on a scrap of paper after a few pints down the pub with our mates.

Nor, for that matter, was it an exercise in creating clickbait. Our aim was to do justice to the best football shirts there has ever been by giving you the detail and opinion we thought you'd appreciate.

This project took over a year to put together and the shirts featured were selected and ordered by the four of us. Together, we published a definitive collection of brilliant shirts that have captured the magic and majesty of football over the last five decades. Note, however, that this wasn't 'The definitive list'... That's because we understand that everyone has their own opinion, and boy, did we get lots of your opinions after each post was published!

You'll find the countdown on its own separate page. All of the posts are indexed there, reproduced from the originals on the Football Attic website, with selected comments attached to each post. Please feel free to add your own comments too, telling us what you like or dislike about each shirt. Thanks for your time and interest!

-- Chris Oakley

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